supporting local churches in global mission


About Us

Our values

iNet believes in and serves the God of love as revealed to us in Jesus. Therefore,

  • iNet is committed to develop loving personal relationships within and beyond iNet, maintaining the bond of unity into which we are called.

  • iNet believes that the church is central to God’s mission in the world and that the local church should have a central role in the work of world evangelisation and cross-cultural mission.
  • iNet acknowledges that we need to and willingly partner with others, including individuals, churches, mission teams and agencies, to play our part in the task of world evangelisation.
  • iNet serves the local church and cross cultural workers, and seeks to mobilise our staff, volunteers and supporters to serve as modelled by Jesus Himself. 
  • iNet strives to follow the God of Scripture who reveals his passion for justice and his heart for those who cannot help themselves.
  • iNet affirms that Jesus came to bring life and life in all its fullness. We believe that God desires blessing in all areas of our lives, and therefore care of iNet ‘workers’ is a core element of iNet’s work.
  • iNet serves a God of power and we believe he does wonderful things in and through those he calls. God has poured out his Spirit upon his people and we are therefore dedicated in our commitment to prayer and willingness to step out in faith.

iNet aspires to reach the highest levels of conduct in relationships, communication, work ethic, professionalism etc. We recognise the importance of training and preparation for different aspects of life and ministry and we aim to encourage and assist in the on-going development of our members, volunteers and staff at home and abroad.