supporting local churches in global mission


Get going

Are you considering becoming a cross-cultural worker? Then iNet would love to walk along side you and your church as you discern and follow your calling. We believe that the safest place for you to be is where God has called you to be, and we want to do our best to help you get there. Below you will find short-term and long-term opportunities iNet offers. Have a look and get in touch if you want to know more.


Ready to become a cross-cultural worker

iNet is always ready to welcome new cross-cultural workers to our iNet family. If you feel ready to go and want to be supported by iNet, we would love to talk to you and your church about it. Our application process is thorough and can often take up to a year. We have no limitation to sending destinations or projects, so please get in touch and share your ideas.


Start at Going Global

Going Global is for you if you are thinking, considering or curious about becoming a cross-cultural worker. There are no preconditions or expectations. This is simply a weekend for you to set aside time to hear God speak to you about missions, and how you could become involved.


Come on a short term trip

In the past iNet has arranged several short-term mission trips for all ages. If you are attending an iNet member church and want to visit some of our cross-cultural workers then get in touch and we might be able to arrange a trip so you can ‘test the water’ and hear better what God may be saying.


Come on a short term trip — youth only!

Every few years we arrange short-term mission trips especially for teenagers. This is a unique opportunity for young people attending iNet member churches to get new perspectives on life and who God is. It is a life changing experience we hope to see more young people attend. All you have to do is to attend scheduled training and debrief sessions, do your own fundraising and share about your experiences at an iNet event when you return.


18-25? Apply for our youth trip Bursary

If you are aged between 18-25 and wanting some mission experience, then the iNet team would love to chat to you. We have a bursary available to help towards the costs of your trip if you are actively involved in an iNet member church. It is an opportunity for you to go overseas for three weeks or more, going independently or part of a small team (no more than four people). In return iNet would like you to go through training with us, give us updates while you are overseas, write a report and take part in debriefing once you are back. We would also like you to take part in promoting our Bursary and share about your time at our events(Link). If you would like to be considered for a bursary then all you have to do is email the iNet office.