supporting local churches in global mission


Where we work

iNet currently supports people living and working in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America. Our cross-cultural workers are involved in a great variety of activities; from evangelism and church planting to Bible translation, relief aid, development, business training, medical work, and much more.

Some of our cross-cultural workers live in areas where it might be difficult for them to be linked directly with iNet. We don’t want to make their life more complicated, so do not list them on our website.

Training, seminars and
workshops in London

iNet is not only for people thinking about living and working overseas. It offers training, seminars and workshops to help people engage in local cross-cultural mission. iNet regularly organise and run a variety of activities, including:

  • cross-cultural training
  • mission education
  • mission exposure trips
  • orientation & debriefing

Check out our up-coming events and training, or contact us if you would like to discuss specific training requirements for an individual, church or youth group.